August 18 2015

Meeting Minutes


Meeting Called to order by President Dan Tennant


Officers present:

Dan Tennant,  George Melnik, Harry Himrod,  Jim Dailer Mark Maguire Sr..Bernie Marcellus, Dave Eckman, , Jim Tysk , Bill Glitch &Tim Pelley


Officer Absent: Tom Gaudino ,Jay Grob & Dave Sims


Treasurer's Report:

Dave Sims was absent, no treasurer's report


Secretary Report:

George read the minutes from the July 2015 meeting.  Bryan Myers had a question as to the rule about playing music on the golf course.  It was decided that if the tournament director wanted to allow music, a local rule would have to be enacted for that specific tournament.


Handicap Committee:

Bill Glitch answered any questions about the current handicaps as it pertains to posting and equitable stoke control.


Welcome Committee:

Tim Pelley informed the members that Mike Mazure will be maintaining his sponsorship level of $1200 for the Stag Day event on in September, He will also be donating $10,000 in gift certificates for Wheeling Volkswagen Subaru. Tim also announced Chuck Hawkins as a new member for 2015


Tournament Directors Reports:

Main Street Bank Club Championship : No report

Undos Two Man Best Ball: Mark Maguire reviewed results from the Undos 2 Man Best Ball Tournament, results are posted on the website


Upcoming Tournament Reports:

Eagle Industrial Tools Workers Party: George Melnik & Jim Tysk are tournament directors.  All workers and sponsors are invited on Saturday August 22th starting at 1:00pm, please be on hand by12:30 for team selection.  No cost to the participants except for green fees & cars.  Sign up with George

Bordas & Bordas 3 Man mix: September 14th- Signup sheet is now available, Tournament director is Mark Maguire or Jay Grob

Wheeling Volkswagen Subaru Stage day: September 28th, 2 man mix signup sheet is available. 



TJ'S Sports Garden & Restaurant: Bernie reviewed plans for this years TJ' s senior event.  Application are available from Bernie Marcellus or on line at

OLD Business

Phil Pata suggested we appoint a publicity chairman to act as a liason with the local media so we can get our tournament result published in the local papers.  Dan suggested this be brought up at the first 2016 board meeting


Thanks to Cecil Chiplinski  and his team of volunteers for putting on the corn roast


NEW Business:  Nominations were held for the 2016 season, the following is a list of the candidates in the order they were nominated. 

The President, is grandfathered for a second term therefore could not be nominated.


Board of Directors Candidate                           Nominated by               Seconded by

Bryan Myers                                                    Mike Wilson                 Brooke Garrison          

George Melnik                                                 Terry Younkins             Stan Traylor

Tim Pelley                                                        John Green                   Dale Forester

Dave Sims                                                        Mark Maguire Sr.         Mike Ricci

Mark Maguire Sr.                                             Dale Forester               Dan Tennant

Randy Hardman                                               Don Weirbecki              Mike Ricci

Bernie Marcellus                                               John Dalek                   Ray Coe

Bill Glitch                                                          Terry Younkins             Dale Forester

Harry Himrod                                                   Mike Fiorelli                  Mike Ricci

Jim Bittengle                                                     Mark Maguire Sr.         Matt Klug

Robbie Evans                                                   BJ Widmer                   Stan Traylor

Jay Grob                                                          John Seiny                    John Jarvie

Jim Tysk                                                           Gary Yahn                     Mike Ricci

Joe Templin                                                      Terry Younkins             Eric Coe

Tom Gaudino                                                   Harry Himrod                Greg McCrosky

James Dubie Dailer                                           Paul West                    Bernie Marcellus

Mike Mazure                                                    Tim Pelley                      George Melnik

Greg Gaudino                                                   Jim Tysk                        Mike Ricci


A random drawing of names will be made to create the order of candidates on the Official        


Monthly Winner:           $25.00  John Shafer ( donated back to club)    

Putting Contest :           Cancelled due to aeriation

Golf Ball Giveaway       36 balls distributed


50/50  $107.00            Tom Stillmak