August 19 2014

Meeting Minutes


Meeting Called to order by President Bernie Marcellus


Officers present:

Dan Tennant, Tom Gaudino, George Melnik, Harry Himrod, Dave Sims, Jim Dailer Mark Maguire Sr..Bernie Marcellus, Dave Eckman, , Brooke Garrison & Bill Glitch


Officer Absent: Tim Pelley & jay Grob


Treasurer's Report:

Dave Sims passed out this months treasurer's report, Income for the month was $42,038.72 Expenses for the month were $30,159.98.  Net Income was $11,878.74  Net Balance sheet $12,457.23


Secretary Report:

Membership moved that the Secretary report was accepted as read, motion was seconded and passed. Printed copies of the July meeting minutes were distributed.


Handicap Committee:

Bill Glitch answered any questions about the current handicaps


Welcome Committee:

No report


Tournament Directors Reports:

Main Street Bank Club Championship : August 2-3  Tom Gaudino reviewed the results for the Tournament, results are posted on the website

Undos Two Man Best Ball: Mark Maguire reviewed results from the Undos 2 Man Best Ball Tournament, results are posted on the website


Upcoming Tournament Reports:

Eagle Industrial Tools Workers Party: George Melnik & Brooke Garrison are tournament directors.  All workers and sponsors are invited on Sunday August 24th starting at 1:00pm, please be on hand by12:30 for team selection.  No cost to the participants except for green fees & cars.  Sign up with George

Bordas & Bordas 3 Man mix: September 14th- Signup sheet is now available, Tournament director is Mark Maguire or Jay Grob

Wheeling Volkswagen Subaru Stage day: September 28th, 2 man mix signup sheet is available.  Mike Mazure is adding $200 to their sponsorship for additional prizes this year.

Progressive Bank 2 man Best Ball Palmer Course: October 26th, Tom Gaudino is tournament Director


TJ'S Sports Garden & Restaurant: Bernie reviewed plans for this years TJ' s senior event.  Application are available from Bernie Marcellus or on line at

OLD Business

None: Thanks to Jay Mosa and his team of volunteers for putting on the corn roast


NEW Business:  Nominations were held for the 2015 season, the following is a list of the candidates in the order they were nominated.  Absentee ballots will be available at the workers scramble, TJ's , Bordas & Bordas for anyone that can not attend the Stage Day Event on September 28th.  Ballots will be placed in a sealed container and will be opened on September 28th.  If you take an absentee ballot before September 28th, your name will be removed from the list for ballot distribution on September 28th


The President, Secretary and Treasurer are grandfathered for a second term therefore could not be nominated.


Board of Directors Candidate                           Nominated by               Seconded by

Mark Maguire  Sr.                                           Dan Tennant                 Brooke Garrison

Greg Woodfin                                                  Terry Younkins BJ Widmer

Robbie Evans                                                   BJ Widmer                   Terry Younkins

Randy Hardman                                               Ted Thomas                 Mark Maguire Sr.

Tom Gaudino                                                   Harry Himrod               Mike Ricci

Dan Tennant                                                     Matt Klug                     Brooke Garrison

James Dubie Dailer                                           Dan Tennant                 Joe Templin

Bill Glitch                                                          Randy Hardman           Bernie Marcellus

Tim Pelley                                                        Dan Tennant                 Dave Eckman

Harry Himrod                                                   Tom Gaudino               Randy Hardman

Jay Grob                                                          Mark Maguire  Sr.        Bill Glitch

Jim Tysk                                                           Terry Younkins Brooke Garrison

Dave Eckman                                                   Tom Gaudino               Joe Doerr


A random drawing of names will be made to create the order of candidates on the Official        


Monthly Winner:           $50.00  Dave Slonaker    

Putting Contest :           34-John Green

                                    35-Kirk Nolte

                                    36-Phil Pata

                                    37-Cecil Chiplinski

                                    21 additional balls distributed to other putters

Golf Ball Giveaway    25 ball distributed


50/50  $93.00              George Melnik