2015 Oglebay Park Golf Club Minutes

June 16th ,2015


Officers & Board Present:  Dan Tennant, Tom Gaudino, George Melnik, Dubie Dailer                                        

                                           Bill Glitch, , Bernie Marcellus , Harry Himrod

                                           Randy Hardman, Dave Sims, Mark Maguire Sr

                           Absent Tim Pelley, Jim Tysk Jay Grob,

Dan Tennant:

Welcomed the members to the fifth meeting for 2015.


Treasurer's Report: Dave Sims

Dave passed out the financial statement and reviewed the balances..


Secretary Report: George Melnik:

A motion was made by Terry Younkins to dispense with the reading of the minute, Ray Coe seconded the motion.  Copies of the minutes from the May 19th minutes were distributed


Handicap Report: Bill Glitch:

Bill was unable to pass out handicap cards due to an internet outage where he works.  Cards would be available later in the week at the Oglebay courses. Bill also entertained questions from the membership concerning the handicap system


Welcome Committee: George Melnik:

Tim was absent but did send a report of the new members to the club since the last meeting. Any new members were introduced.  Mckenzie Obrien and Brad Mitchell was given special recognition for filling the kegerator


Tournament Reports:                   


June 7th- Miklas Meat Market

                Directors Harry Himrod & Randy Hardman

                Randy Hardman reviewed the winners and acknowledged all the work that Dave

                Rotriga does for the club for his event, Thanks Dave


June 28th- Michelob Ultra Two man Best Ball

                 Directors Tim Pelley & Dave Sims

                Dave Sims had the signup board available for the June 28th event. He also mentioned 

                 that members could stop at Crispin and see Tim if they want to get the entry fee for

                 $10.00 up to June 21st.


Aug 1-2    Main Street Bank Club Championship-Tom Gaudino

                 Tom explained the new format for the Club Championship.  You choose your flight

                 based on which courses you wish to place.  Championship flight plays Palmer-Jones

                 with no handicap.  All other flights play with handicap.  You can choose,




                 In these flights, you will be competing in handicap with everyone who also chose that

                 group of courses.

Open Tournaments:

Kalkreuth Roofing:  Dan reviewed all the results from the Kalkreuth Tournament with special emphasis on the club member's performances. We had a tremendous amount of club members volunteer for the tournament and great thanks we given to all.  Kalkreuth was able to donate over $11,000 to Easter Seals to in great part to Dan's work.  There was an issue with the lightning detection system not working, Dan was going to speak to Rico concerning this issue.



Stoney Hollow Tire: Tom told everyone that application for the Stoney Hollow Tire are out and

                                  are available at the golf shops and on line at the website Tom had signup

                                  sheets for workers. If you wish to volunteer for the tournament you can also

                                  contact Fred Rine,  f.rine@stoneyhollowtire.com.


 Old Business:   None                             


New Business:   None


Rules Questions: None

                          The question was posed as to whether music is permitted during play and it will

                          be researched and discussed at next month's meeting.



                    Putting Contest:  Mark Maguire Sr   33

                                                Terry Younkins       34

                                                Brooke Garrison      35

                                                Paul Kurtz               36


                   Monthly Drawing   First Name: Mike Wetzel (Not Present)

                                                $25.00  winner Mark Maguire Sr.   


                   50/50 drawing;       $78.00   winner Kirk Nolte


                    Golf Ball distribution:  24 balls passed out