2015 Oglebay Park Golf Club Minutes

July 21st ,2015


Officers & Board Present:  Dan Tennant, Tom Gaudino, George Melnik, Dubie Dailer                                        

                                           Bill Glitch, , Bernie Marcellus , Harry Himrod

                                           Randy Hardman, Dave Sims, Mark Maguire Sr  

                                           Tim Pelley, Jim Tysk Jay Grob


Dan Tennant:

Welcomed the members to the sixth meeting for 2015.


Treasurer's Report:

Dave Sims passed out the financial statement and reviewed the balances. .Dave thanked everyone that helped out during the Kalkreuth tournament, we made close to $10,000 on that tournament.


Secretary Report: George Melnik:

A motion was made by Terry Younkins to dispense with the reading of the minute, Ray Coe seconded the motion.  Copies of the minutes from the May 1June 18th minutes were distributed


Handicap Report: Bill Glitch:

Bill passed out handicap cards and he invited anyone who needs information about the handicap system to see him.  Also if you had an individual score in the Michelob ultra, please post that score.  The scorecards were not readable.


Welcome Committee: Tim Pelley:

Tim introduced new member Rich Welker, Tim also the reviewed the financial aspects of running a club tournament as far as income sources and expense distributions


Tournament Reports:                   


June 28th- Michelob Ultra Two man Best Ball

                 Directors Tim Pelley & Dave Sims

               Tim announced that Tony Coppa and Fred Wetzel won the events


Aug 1-2    Main Street Bank Club Championship-Tom Gaudino

                 Tom explained the new format for the Club Championship.  You choose your flight

                 based on which courses you wish to place.  Championship flight plays Palmer-Jones

                 with no handicap.  All other flights play with handicap.  You can choose,




                 In these flights, you will be competing in handicap with everyone who also chose that

                 group of courses. As of yet he had 32 members sign up


August 16th: Undo's best ball tournament Jay Grob & Mark Maguire

                     2 man best ball, 8:30 shotgun at Crispin.


August 22nd: Workers and sponsors tournament at 1:00pm. An email will be sent out about a    

                      week  to ask if you are playing.  Teams will be made on the day of the event

Wesbanco Holiday event:  Labor Day September 7th

                                           Four man team count 3 low balls at Palmer

                                           Dave Sims & Mark Maguire


Open Tournaments:


Stoney Hollow Tire: Tom Gaudino

Tom Reviewed all the club members  who placed in the Stoney Hollow Tire. He also thanked everyone who worked the event which lead to it being another successful year.  This year we had 304 player.  Please visit our website for final results



TJ Restaurant & Sport Garden Seniors: September 6th Bernie Marcellus:

Bernie announced that the TJ's this year will be age divisions with Medal & Handicap in each division.  Applications are on line or can be picked up at the area golf shops.  There is no  Best Ball this year



 Old Business:   None                             


New Business:   A reminder that our August meeting will be at Haller Shelter after the putting contest for our annual Weiner & corn roast.  Nomination for the board of directors for 2016 will be accepted during that meeting.  The board will be voted on during our stag day event.


Rules Questions:

                          The question was posed as to whether music is permitted during your round of golf . This was reviewed by Randy Hardman, rules committee chair and you are not permitted to play music on the course during your round. Rule #14-3-17.


                    Putting Contest:  Mark Maguire Sr     34

                                                Jim Tysk                  36

                                                Kirk Nolte                36

                                                George Melnik         36


                   Monthly Drawing   First Name: Bobby Custer (Not Present)

                                                $25.00  winner Harry Himrod

                   50/50 drawing;       $75.00   winner Bob Potts


                    Golf Ball distribution:  24 balls passed out