2015 Oglebay Park Golf Club Minutes

March 17, 2015


Officers & Board Present:  Dan Tennant, Jay Grob, George Melnik, Dave Sims,

                                           Bill Glitch, James 'Dubie' Dailer, Mark Maguire Sr., Tim

                                           Pelley, , Bernie Marcellus and Harry Himrod

                         Absent:     Tom Gaudino, Jim Tysk and Randy Hardman


Dan Tennant:

Welcomed the members to the second meeting for 2015. He noted that all other meetings would be held at Caddy Camp with exception of the August meeting which is our annual corm roast at Haller Shelter


Dave Sims:

Income from the last meeting was $6,377 mostly from the membership dues from last meeting.

We sold 24 shirts at the first meeting, anyone who would like to order a OPGC shirt please see Dave Sims. Our expenses since last meeting was $1,247 mostly due to fees  for the handicap system, it costs the club $3 per member to maintain our  handicaps.  Net income was $5,130

Current bank account is $8,702.04.  There were no questions from the membership.


George Melnik:

Minutes from the February 22, 2015 were read to the members, there was no corrections of questions therefore they were approved as read.


Dan Tennant  reviewed why we were selling the logo golf shirts and reviewed the previous evening rules seminar given by the WV Golf Association.  He was looking into the possibility of coordinating the seminar with one of our  meeting in the future.


Bill Glitch:

Bill handed out handicap cards reviewed the handicap system, ways to post, new cards are available.  Bill had material available on how to post scores. New members should contact Bill to receive their membership numbers.  New members need to post 5 scores to receive handicaps.  If they have scores from last summer, those scores can be posted.  Course have to have a slope & rating. 


Tim Pelley:

Tim introduced our new members for 2015 that were present. Tim said we have 20 new members already for 2015. Tim stressed the need for club members to play golf with others they do not normally play with.  Tim also stressed how to post scores on your scorecards when you are given strokes in events (dots on the card).  Always post your ACTUAL score, the computer will make the stroke correction.


Tournament Reports:

March 29th- 19th Hole Allen Kage Memorial -  Directors Jay Grob & Mark Maguire

                        Medal & Handicap 830am shotgun at Crispin Food at Pine Room

                          Please arrive early to check in  Last year we had 92 players

                          last day to sign up for discount rate Sunday March 24

                          Food served in Pine Room after tournament.


                      Question: Are we playing the ball down.  The rules for the individual tournament

                      directors have the discretion based on conditions.


April 26th-Ye olde Alpha Speidel Medal & Handicap Directors Greg & Tom Gaudino

                     8:00 Shotgun with food at Caddy Camp.  Important to state if walking.

                   Please check in when arrving at the clubhouse with the tournament director

                    When finished return your scorecard to Caddy Camp ASAP


May 3rd- Generations & Lawyers of the Club Dubie Dailer Memorial

                       Directors Dubie Dailer & Bill Glitch

                      2 man Scramble Pick you our Team

                       8:30 shotgun pay out medal & handicap

                       Please arrive early to check in 


Wesbanco Holiday Tournament:

                      We have a added an additional club event, it will be played on labor day September

                        7th at the Palmer Course, it will be a  four man team event, 3 best ball out of 4

                        Wesbanco is sponsoring the event, it will be full handicap.


Open Tournaments:

Kalkreuth Roofing:  Dan Tennant reviewed all the upgrades for this years tournament. New    

                                flights, new food, more prizes and all tournament activities will be at Haller   

                                Shelter. Prize money will be $12,000. We added a first flight for players

                                with 9.5 handicap or higher.  Applications are available on line.

                                Dan explained the first flight process and the way the divisions are being



Stoney Hollow Tire: No report


 Old Business:   None                                



New Business: None



                    Season pass drawing winner Jared Sloan,  new member


                   Monthly Drawing   $25.00  winner Ray Marino   


                   50/50 drawing;    $83.00   winner Rich Colley


                    Golf Ball distribution:  24 balls passed out