2015 Oglebay Park Golf Club Minutes

May 19th ,2015


Officers & Board Present:  Tom Gaudino, Jay Grob, George Melnik,                                             

                                           Bill Glitch, Tim Pelley, , Bernie Marcellus , Harry Himrod

                                           Randy Hardman ,Jim Tysk

                                           Dan Tennant, Dave Sims, Mark Maguire Sr and Dubie Dailer

                        Absent :None

Dan Tennant:

Welcomed the members to the Fourth meeting for 2015.


Treasurer's Report:

Dave Sims passed out the financial statement and reviewed the balances..


George Melnik:

Read the minutes from the April 21st meeting, no questions were asked and they were approved as read


Bill Glitch:

Bill handed out handicap cards reviewed the handicap system, with special emphasis on the meaning of course rating & slope and how this is used not only in calculating your handicap index but how to use these numbers to figure your handicap on the course you play. Bill also reviewed the concept of score adjustment based on the highest post able score you can have.


Tim Pelley:

Tim introduced our new members for 2015 that were present. Tim also stresses how important is it to introduce yourself to the new members  and to play golf with them. Tim also gave his Crispin golf shop schedule so that players could stop by and pay their tournament fees


Tournament Reports:


April 26th-Ye olde Alpha Speidel Medal & Handicap

                 Tom Gaudino reviewed the Winner for the Ye Olde Alpha event


May 3rd- Generations & Lawyers of the Club Dubie Dailer Memorial

                       Dubie Dailer reviewed the winners for the event and thanked, Generation and the 

                      Club Lawyers for giving the club the opportunity to have another great event


June 7th- Miklas Meat Market

                Directors Harry Himrod & Randy Hardman

                Medal & Handicap  20 groups were signed up already

                8:30 Shotgun

                 Please arrive early to check in 


June 28th- Michelob Ultra Two man Best Ball

                 Directors Tim Pelley & Dave Sims

                Signup Sheet will be with Tim

                  8:30 Shotgun

                 Please arrive early to check in              



Open Tournaments:

Kalkreuth Roofing:  Dan pointed out that all the management of the Kalkreuth event will be at

                                 Haller shelter. We are always looking for volunteers. He has filled the \

                                 morning tee times. but there are still spots available.  Dave is going to make

                                 every effort to get all club members accommodated. The majors are a very

                                 important to the financial stability of the club.


Stoney Hollow Tire: Tom told everyone that application for the Stoney Hollow Tire are out and

                                  are available at the golf shops and on line at the website.  Please also get

                                  them to him as soon as possible. Tom also expressed how important

                                  it is to have volunteers for this tournament also


 Old Business:   None                             


New Business:  Dan stressed that the board is always open to new ideas from the 

                         the members and we encourage new ideas.

Rules Questions:

                        Long Putters;  After January 2016, you can no longer anchor a putter into you


                        Preferred lies: If you have preferred lie the tournament committee determines

                                                 how far you can move the ball. This is a local rule.

                        Unplayable Lie: A ball can be declared anywhere except a water hazard.

                                                     You can always go back to where you his the shot from


                    Putting Contest:  Brooke Garrison   34

                                                BT Myers              36

                                                Mike Kolowkoski  36

                                                Mike Fiorelli          36


                   Monthly Drawing   First Name: Andy Garber (Not Present)

                                                $25.00  winner George Melnik   


                   50/50 drawing;       $84.00   winner Edward (Bud) Hughes


                    Golf Ball distribution:  24 balls passed out