Game #1


League will be a two-man team. This is  round robin.


1.     Team 1 vs. team 2

Teams 1 high handicap vs. team 2 high handicap

Team 1 low handicap vs. team 2 low handicap


2.     Scores will be calculated using handicaps.

Handicap is based on USGA handicap formula using Equitable Stroke Control.    Maximum handicap is 24.


3.     Total of 3 points per hole:

1 point LOW HOLE  (high vs. high)

1 point LOW HOLE  (low vs. low)

1 point LOW HOLE  (team)


2 points LOW ROUND  (high vs. high)

2 points LOW ROUND  (low vs. low)

2 points LOW ROUND  (team)


33 total points

(Tie hole = 1/2 point.  Tie round = 1 point)


4.     Play 16 weeks


5.     Play round robin 25 matches


6.     Teams first 9 weeks play 2 matches per week


7.     Team A is to play teams B in main match and team C in second match


8.     Player play team B on Thursday night.  If no agreement prior to start of Thursday round then that score counts for second match of the week Against C.


9.     If Team A and Team C agree to play before or after prior to start of Thursday they can play that match and scores will count.

10. If you don't play separate rounds your Thursday score counts as 2 scores for handicap purposes.


11. Round can be made up prior to or before the Make up By Wednesday 3 PM of the Next Week.


12.  No reward points but penalty points for not making up is 3 points per player not made up.

13. Makeup must be done with a League Member and not your Partner.


14. Cards will be marked A is Regular Thursday Match B Is Second Match Must Play A Card opponent on Thursday if they are there.






Game # 2


15.  Each team plays all teams that week.


16.  You receive 2 points for each team that you beat.


17.  Net score is used


18.  Only Regular Thursday Scores count (16 Weeks)


19.   Example: Team A. Shoots net 70.   12 teams shoot 73 and 12 teams 69  Team A would   receive 24 points


20.  Scores not made up team gets 0 points for week as they beat no one everyone else gets 2 points for beating them.


21.  Handicap may be different than regular league due to only Thursday Scores being used.



General Rules


22.  Brown Tees are senior tees for 7 handicap and higher and turn 65 in 2015. (Declare before season)


23.   Payoff for season:

     Game #1  & 2 pay same Estimated             

1st      $130                                        

2nd      $100                                            

3rd      $ 80                                             

4th      $ 60                                    

5th          $ 40                                  Low Net       $40                                  Low Gross   $40                       

6th       $30                                                                

Hole in One            $100 (must be on Thursday League Night in League                    Round)


24.  The League Supper will be held on TBA.


25.  Fee =  $25.00  (Includes steak supper at the end of league.)


26.  There is not out of Bounds over the Green on 2 and 8. If can’t find ball use drop area.


27.  Out of Bounds are the power poles on #2 and the white stakes from the marked pole and  white stakes on #7, #8, #9 (the end of the parking lot fence is the last stake).


28.  # 9 out of bounds over fence in parking area use drop area.


29.  Rough near around the greens are in line with last fairway marker and the flag. (see illustration)


30.  Trees in shelterbelt see Trees Rules.


31.   Trees not in shelterbelt.

A. Trees are played as ball lies unless tree is marked with ribbon or Caged. (Relief only if club will hit tree not ball flight). 




Trees are marked as a Hazard here are your options.



1.  Play Ball from where your last shot was played (do not need to find original ball)

2.  Drop a ball within 2 club lengths of the hazard where the ball entered the hazard utilizing a straight line from where you think the ball landed to your previous spot (do not need to find original ball)

3.  You may drop within two club-lengths of, and not nearer the hole than

4.  You may ground your club

5.  No relief of any kind in trees without taking penalty stroke (cart paths in Hazard no relief)