Cart Path Relief

A cart path is defined as a path made out of an artificial substance (e.g., gravel, pavement).  A dirt pathway is not considered a cart path.  If a player’s ball resides on a cart path or if the player’s stance is on a cart path, the player may:

The nearest point of relief is defined as the closest ball placement from the original position of the ball where neither the ball nor the stance are on the cart path, no closer to the hole.  This may not always be the nearest side of the path. 

Consider the below example:

While the ball is closer to the right side of the cart path, the left side of the path (B1)is actually the nearest point of relief, as the ball resides nearer to the original position of the ball once the player takes his normal stance. 

Once the nearest point of relief is determined, the player should do the following: