Next Board Meeting

   March 15, 8:00 am.

The Men's Club at Silver Lake
We are an organized golf club which hosts many events though-out the season on Friday's & Sunday's at Silver Lake C. C. in Orland Park.
Club Contact:
Larry Woltzen, President

                           Rest in Peace Phil Travis                               



If you are looking for information on The Men's Club
Call Mike Dzimiela at 708-421-9171

Those members interested in golfing this Friday, please consult the announcements page.

To sign-up for Sunday Tournaments.

 Please use one of the following option
1.  Sign up using the portal
2.  Call Mike Dzimiela (708-421-9171)  
  3.  E-Mail
Use this address through your personal email.
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 When your shot has to carry over a water hazard,
you can either hit one more club or two more balls.












President; Larry Woltzen   
Vice President; Mike Richler 
Secretary; Mike Dzimiela 
Treasurer; Len DeGrado 

A Committeemen; 

John Jaroch
Ted Pasquinelli      
David Ryan

B Committeemen;  
Tim Botica
Rich Harstead

Wayne Watland



Club Champions

2019 Match Play       
Open Dave Chiappetti
A Dave Soraghan
B Ron Dubin
C Matt Ward
D Len Ciannamea
       2019 LongestDay     
Dave Ryan   
Byrne Stephenson 
2019 Silver Cup
        1st Place Tie    
                Faddis-Herron                                       Gapinski-M Lee                    W Lode-T Botica 
           M Botica-Ayres                 
2019 Medal Play
Open Mike Vegeler
A Tom Fawcett
B Brad Schieber
C Wayne Lode
D Len DeGrado

2019  Silver Challenge
Mother Nature