The Halifax Plantation Men's Golf Association (HPMGA) is a not-for-profit social organization open to all members of Halifax Plantation Golf Club.  Its purpose is to promote interest in the game of golf within the Halifax Plantation community and provide a forum for golfers to test their skills in competitive and fun formats.

The HPMGA plays weekly, teeing off in a shotgun start at 9:00 am each Tuesday.  A variety of formats are provided to keep games interesting and challenging.  There are special events included in the calendar such as HPMGA Championship, Ryder Cup, President's Cup, and the Santa Claus Special.  Generally, the events are handicapped and flighted so anyone with an interest in golf is welcome in the association, regardless of handicap.  All that is required is a desire to play the game and have fun.

Each week, prize money is awarded to about 40% of the golfers or the winning teams, depending on the event.  Most weeks a "Skins" event is held at a minimal cost for those with a competitive spirit.  Participation is voluntary.

The HPMGA is managed by a slate of elected officers and appointed committees.  Current officers and committee chairmen are:

President:  Russ Lentner
Vice President At-Large:  Pete Hartman
Vice President & Treasurer:  John Masciotti
Vice President & Secretary:  Craig Foust
Handicap/Golf Rules Committee:  Bill Kowske
Membership/Publicity Committee:  Howard Sparber
Games/Events Committee:  Bob Iacovelli
Communications/Technology Committee:  Dick Tyson
Nominating Committee:  Bob Shambora