Every month after the general membership meeting members may enter a putting contest at the course practice putting green.
Entry Fee is $1.00.  In December an annual contest is held between the monthly winners to determine the Putting Champion.
The first and second place winners each month qualify for the final championship in December.
The winner in December is the "PUTTER of the YEAR" and gets his name engraved on the plaque that is kept in the trophy case 
and also receives a personal trophy.  The finals split the club's contribution of $200.00 4-ways: $80-$60-$40-$20

2018 Monthly Winners

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
January  Jan Lundin
Bob Off
Bian Liem
Ralph Belitz
February  Dan Davis Bob Burns Bian Liem Allen Shirley
March  Tom Hall
Ralph Belitz
Dan Davis
Mike Thompson
April  Jerry Wallin
Jim George
Mike Thompson
Dan Davis
May  Mike Thompson Dan Davis Allen Shirley Ken Reinach
June  Duke Jones
Jim George
Ralph Belitz
Jerry Wallin
July   Dan Davis
Terry Stringer
 Paul Santoro
David Hartman
August  Greg Corigliano
Ed Cowan
 Jerry Wallin
 Shaun Tumpane
(Annual Game) 

The annual Game for 2018 will be held on Dec. 4th.  Registration and practice begins at 9 A.M.
Game begins promptly at 9:30.  All of the above 1st & 2nd place finishers are eligible to compete

Past Putting Championships

Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
2010 Ralph Belitz Bob Burns  Sam Murad  Chuck Berkowitz
2011 Don Durbin Ron Whitley  Jose Bauson Bill Blaine
2012 Bob Burns Jim Brown Ralph Belitz Dan Davis
2013 Dan Davis Jerry Ryman Leo Pak Don Durbin
2014 Don Durbin Ed Cowan Mike Thompson Ralph Belitz
2015 Tom Hall Greg Corigliano Ed Cowam Ralph Belitz
2016 Dan Davis Jerry Wallin Ken Reinach Richard Renna
Ralph Belitz
 Rick Renna
Bob Off
Duke Jones


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