Commercial real estate can be a lucrative field for those who can survive or even thrive on the profession’s demands. If you believe this industry equals fast money and minimal work hours, however, it may not be for you. There are certain skills, considerations, and duties anyone should examine before becoming a commercial real estate agent, a profession that can be both rewarding and unpredictable.  It's not all about marketing.  It's about persistence and attention to detail.  My coaching philosophy focuses on finding the deal, that point where Buyer and Seller agree and the investment is successful. Many commercial practitioners focus on marketing when, truth be known, they have an unsaleable deal.  In order to achieve a measure of success being able to analyze is critical.  For this purpose I am incorporating Investit into my program.  Click on the logo below to find out more about Investit and then take the Commercial Assessment Quiz and let's find out if you have a glimmer of hope. To be successful you will need to love the business.  If you don't love it you are going to need to learn to love it.


New to Commercial Real Estate?

As a realtor, you already know that every strong building begins with a solid foundation. The Raising Your Commercial IQ online video series begins with the basic terms and calculations integral to commercial real estate investment.

A Seasoned Veteran?

Once you have cemented your foundation, next you’ll develop more expert knowledge – the kind that’ll make you more money. Here, real-world case studies teach must-know investment analysis techniques, giving you a roadmap for profitable commercial deals.

Want to Become a Developer,  Real Estate Analyst or Mortgage Broker?

Don’t rely on luck to get a foot in the door as a developer or real estate analyst. Investit Academy gives you everything you need to know to crack the industry, setting yourself up for a long, profitable career.

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