2019 GMA TOUR...CONTACT US: OFFICE 973-916-1890...CELL 973-570-8555...golfmission@optonline.net

Date Host Event Starting Times Misc / Special                  
1. Sat. Mar. 16 Seaview-Bay 21st Annual Atlantic City Open 1030am*        
2. Sat. Mar. 23 Heron Glen 29th Annual Polar Bear Open 9am* BBQ & Exit 9 Band      
3. Mar. 30 & 31 Cape May National  Allstar Flooring President's Cup 26  (Sat)1pm; (Sun) 8am         
4. Mon. Apr. 8 Stanton Ridge  27th Annual Pigskin Classic  10:30am*         
5. Sat. Apr. 13 Royce Brook-E 32nd Annual Bulldog Charity 730am to 11:30am        
6. Sat. Apr. 20 High Bridge Hills 16th Annual HBH Open 8:30am to 12:30pm         
7. Apr 27-28 Ballamor  32nd Annual Garibian Masters 8am to 12pm both days         
8. Mon. May 6 Oak Hill 5th Annual Wolverine Wellness 1pm*         
9. Sat. May 11 Preakness Val.  19th Annual Nina Marie  9:30am to 1:30pm Blue's Band       
10. May 16 Bali Hai  Dom Cutillo's Las Vegas Open IV 10am to 11:40am        
      May 17 Royal Links  (54-hole event) 10am to 11:40am        
      May 18 Rhodes Ranch  (golf & gamble)   7:32am to 8:52am         
10x. May 18 Sea Oaks Sea Oaks Jersey Tour  10:30 to 2:30pm   Alternate event for those not @ LV.      
11. Sat. June 1 The Garrison  26th Annual Jackhammer  9am to 1pm        
12. Sat. June 8 Berkshire Valley  21st Annual Moonshine 9am to 1pm   Exit 9 band      
13. Sat. June 15 Heron Glen  33rd Annual Garibian U.S. Open 8am to 12pm         
14. Sat. June 22 Farmstead 26th Annual Farmhouse Open 10am to 2pm        
15. Sat. July 6 Mansion Ridge  24th Annual Crazy Horse 8am to 12pm         
16. July 11-13 LHS & Rum P. 14th Annual Ocean City Open  2pm*, 10am & 8am Rum P clubhouse condo hospitality suite      
17. Mon. July 22 R.A.B.B.  Lynnes Nissan Republican 25 11am         
18. Sat. July 27 Mt. Airy 23rd Annual Quaker Open 9am*        
19. Sat. Aug. 3 Royce Brook-E  29th Annual Garibian M.G.A.  7am to 11:30pm         
20. Sat. Aug. 10 Wild Turkey Deluxe Formal Wear Irish Cup 28  10am to 2pm         
21. Sat. Aug. 17 Ballyowen  Steve Simon's Pilgrim Open XXV 10am to 2pm        
22. Sat. Aug. 24 Architects 17th Annual Mad Dog Hawaaian tba        
23. Mon. Aug. 26 Woodstone  Jerry LaValley Member Guest XXVI  11am*         
24. Sat. Sept. 7 High Bridge Hills  Grateful Bob's Dead Tour XXII  8:30am to 12:30pm Dead band & 3 kegs       
25. Sep.14-15 Bulle Rock  34th Annual Club Championships Sat (10am); Sun (8am)         
26. Mon. Sep 23 Berkshire Valley  West Morris Financial British Open 27 1130am*        
27. Sat. Sep 28 Great Gorge   28th Annual Italian Open   8am to 12pm        
28. Sat. Oct. 5 Heron Glen  30th Annual Fall Classic 9am*  BBQ & Exit 9 Band      
POST SEASON              
29. Sat. Oct. 12 Flanders Valley  2019 Wild Card Round 11am        
30. Sat. Oct. 19 Sea Oaks 2019 Quarter Finals 10am        
31. Oct. 26-27 Atlantic City C.C. 2019 Moller Mechanical WS   Sa (12pm); Su (10am)