Established in 1986, and built to please the connoisseur golfer, The Golf Mission Association is rolling into it’s 33rd year. What makes this golf league so unique is the quality of its venues, the organization, and the golfing enthusiasts that it attracts. If you have refined tastes, and are looking for reserved tee times at a wide variety of upscale facilities, and enjoy competition, The Golf Mission is your ticket. Bored of playing the same old course with the same people each week? The Mission is your Amateur Tour, and each week, you can compete on the next stop on the GMA Tour. You may start feeling like a kid, once again!!!

You only pay for events you choose to enter. You pay as you go, and you can play as many, or as few events as you desire.  The Golf Mission is comprised of avid amateur golfers of a wide range of abilities, and the competition is handicapped by the Golf Mission. Players are grouped into teams of their choice, or you can play as an Independent. Singles joining are classified as Free Agent Rookies and can be drafted by established teams.  Teams accrue points by merit during the Regular Season, and when it concludes the top seeded teams qualify for the Post Season Tour! Our tournaments are geared to satisfying those who seek competition, but can accommodate laid back weekend warriors. Like any private golf club, our member base is limited to ensure play for all our members.


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10 Events from November 3 to December 15

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Regular Membership is $55...
If you were a 2018 GMA Captain or Event Sponsor, Membership is $40... 
If you were a 2018 Regular Season Member, then membership is: $50...
All Ladies may join at: $25...
USGA Handicap (Optional Service): $45: 
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You DO NOT need a USGA Handicap to play on the GMA Tour.