Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Q: What are the ability levels of the members?
A: Like most clubs we have a broad range of ability levels.  A majority of the players are handicapped between 5.0 and 17.0, and this majority shoots in the mid-to-high 70’s to the high 90’s. On both ends of this spectrum, we have players who can shoot par or close to it, and a few players that shoot in the 110 + range.

Q: How often must one play to make the playoffs?
A: Although you can play in all of our tournaments, the average player roughly attends 10 to 12 events, and individuals on playoff teams generally attend around 15 to 20 events.  If you do not have a team and simply want to play as an individual, thats fine as well.

Q: If play is handicapped, how do you prevent sandbaggers?
A: Maintaining a level playing field in a handicapped league is the apex priority, and that is why we eventually created the GMA Tournament Index to handicap play. Our Tournament Index has very tight restrictions built into it that makes it much more difficult to manipulate than a USGA Handicap Index. The bottom line is that the USGA Handicap Formula, which incorporates the use of away scores to calculate its index, and utilizes an equitable stroke system that is too liberal, opens the floodgates to manipulation in competitive league play. Our Tournament Index deters these loopholes.  In addition, we have a very adept Handicap Committee that closely monitors all handicaps, and has authorization by our bylaws to reduce handicaps at its discretion.

Q: Is the pace of play monitored?
A: Absolutely!! YES. Over the years we have developed a unique time tracking system, and disciplinary procedures to deal with excessively slow players.  If you are habitually slow you will stand out like a sore thumb, and after being warned, if no improvement results, you will get later starts and handicap reductions. 

Q: What are the members like?
A: Most of the league members are between the ages of 30 to 65.  Although approximately 95% of the membership is male, women are most welcomed to join.  Your sex, occupation, race, or religions is of no concern to our league.  Many of our people are connoisseurs who enjoy dining out at restaurants and enjoy playing the best golf courses.

Q: Do you offer a USGA Handicap Service?
A: Yes we do and this service is optional. There is a nominal per member fee for this service. Those without internet service are advised not to join this service. All players will need to post all of their home and away scores. More information can be found by going to our Handicap section on our website.   

Q: How long has the Golf Mission been in business?
A: We started the league in 1986.  

Q: I am only one person, can I still join / play?
A: Yes. Many of our members entered the league as a single player. It's a great way to meet people.   

Q: I do not live in New Jersey, can i still join / play?
A: Yes, we have members who live in NYC, NY and PA.