Updated: 2/25/18                    

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A. Veterans are players who have played in 15 or more Golf Mission rounds,

and have been a member for the past two seasons, 2016 & 2017.

B. Freshman (Rookies) are first year members, who are eligible
for the Rookie of the Year Award, and can fill the 10th and 11th slots of a team's Roster.
Non-Affiliated Rookies are new Rookies who joined the league and are not on a team.
Non affiliated Rookies in 2018 will be able to join teams as soon as they join the league.

C. Green Horns are players who for the recruiting process, can fill the 10th and 11th slots
of a team's Roster. This year Green Horn's will include:
1. All players in the 2017 Draft.
2. Any player that was not on a team in 2017.

D. Red Shirts are players who joined the league and participated in 14 or less GMA rounds.
Red Shirts for the recruiting process can be utilized to fill the 10th or 11th player slots.



Teams can be represented by six pointing players at BOTH TEAM and INDIVIDUAL events.
At all shotguns, 2018 Majors, Club Championship & the Bulle Rock Tour you can point 8. 
Guests can point and substitute for members.