NEWSLETTER No. 1 (posted February 12, 2020): 
Click here for: Newsletter 1  details for 2020 Membership Drive

PAYING FOR EVENTS BY CREDIT CARD:                                                                                      

Guests must pay by Commitment Deadline or their reservation is cancelled...

Click for: Paying for 30th Annual Polar Bear Open  @ Heron Glen (Mar. 21) by Credit Card (to be linked March 6)
Credit Card shuts off at Commitment Deadline:  3pm MONDAY March 16

If you desire to pay by Credit Card instead of by Check then...
Please make Credit Card payments by the Commitment Deadline to ensure your Reservation. 
You cannot pay for an event by credit card after it shuts down.

Paying at Events:
Rookies: Unless you are a late substitution, never pay at the events.
V.P's, Captains, Sponsors & Pace Co-Chairman are authorized to pay at events.
All other's may be assessed a premium when paying at events by cash.