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Men's League Rule Changes as adopted at the 2017 Rules Meeting:

  1. Men’s League registration will increase by $3 to accommodate the hole in one fund

  2. Senior Division plays in a separate skins pool with only Senior players

  3. The Four Clubs Only event:  The course must now provide front – middle – back pin locations AND front – middle – back Teeing areas

  4. The Modern Day Tee Box Game event:  The course must provide front – middle – back pin locations AND front – middle – back Teeing areas for planning help for all members

  5. The Summer’s Over Four Person Scramble event: This is a 4-person scramble played with your regular weekly group. Previously this event was played from different teeing areas to create equal playing field.

    1. Now this is a NET ONLY event.

    2. Handicaps are determined by using the USGA recommended method:  20%+15%+10%+5%

      1. 20% of the A player's Course Handicap

      2. 15% of the B player's

      3. 10% of the C player's

      4. 5% of the D player's Course Handicap

      5. Add the above 4 together and this is the handicap for that foursome

    3. ALL Players will play from the white tees




      1. The name has changed to “ONE Man SCRAMBLE”

      2. With your allowed two extra shots per hole, (one on the green and one anywhere else but on the green), now you can play the best of the two shots


      1. Each year, $3 from every Men’s League & Men’s Club membership goes towards the “Hole in One” pool

      2. To win the “Hole in One” pool, the “Hole in One” must have happened in a official Men’s League or Men’s Club

        1. Match Play, Mystery Tour, Men’s Club Shootout, 16-Man Team, or any event that restricts any member from playing does not qualify

      3. ALL “Hole in One’s” that take place during the year are to be split in cash at the end of the year (paid out on King of the Hill night in October)

      4. If there are no “Hole in One’s”, the pool will carry over to the next season

    2. MEN’S CLUB MEMBERSHIP DUES were raised by $3 to accommodate the “Hole in One” pool/insurance  (ALL league members are already in the Men’s Club with league membership)

    3. Events that are combined with Goodrich, we will now be able to sign-up as singles, 2-some, 3-some, or an entire 4-some.  While it is encouraged to team with some Goodrich members, you are no longer required to do so

    4. SENIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP is now played on a different weekend than the Club Championship

      1. Must be at least 55+ in the same calendar year

      2. This is a ONE Day 18-Hole Gross and Net event

      3. There are two Flights

        1. Senior Flight 55+

          1. Low gross score from white/gold tees is declared Champion

        2. Super Senior Flight 65+

          1. Low gross score from gold/red tees is declared Champion

          2. Super Seniors can play the white/gold tees in an effort to win BOTH Championships

    5. CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Flights are now determined by using Saturday scores

    6. ADDED Season Long Match Events (need minimum of 4 teams in each bracket to move forward)

      1. 2-Person Gross Bracket

      2. MIXED 2-Person SCRAMBLE Gross Bracket

      3. SENIOR 2-Person Net Bracket

    2017 League Schedule

    2017 Regular Season Tee Times
    Statistics are HERE     



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