2020 Annoucements


The schedule for the league is finalized and posted on the website.

The rec. league's schedule consists of 14 games beginning June 3rd and ending September 16th (note, no game on July 1st). Tee times for all in the rec. league is 6:15 pm.

The competitive league has two divisions with 11 teams per division. This means each week a team will have a bye (your match vs. team 12 is your bye week). With there being 2 divisions, there are two teams that will have a bye. On your bye week, your team will play against the team from the other division that is on a bye. You can keep score but it is not mandatory as these matches won't count in the standings. Tee times for all in the competitive league is 5:40 pm.

For the foreseeable future, one of the Pro Shop staff will be stationed outside, you will see them between the parking lot and Pro Shop building. This staff will have the scorecards and will also give cart keys out to those who have a cart package. This is to ease the flow inside the Pro Shop as we are only allowed 3 customers in at a time.

Playoff format - top 4 teams from each division will qualify for the A side playoffs. Next 4 teams (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th) from each division will qualify for the B side playoffs. For those teams that do not make the playoffs, there will be matches created among the other teams for the 3 weeks that playoffs will run.

In past years the scorecards would be brought into the banquet room after play. With the formal part of the evening on hold for now, your scorecards need to be brought to the Pro Shop where the staff will have a box for you to put them in.