Major Tournaments:
Special tournaments are held monthly on Wednesdays.  See the Major Tournaments heading for details.

Weekly Tournaments:
Each Wednesday is regular tournament day. The tournaments are rotated on courses 1,2 and 3. Sign up for a tee time at the CR-2 desk for the following week and pay the $1.00 fee. Check in at the desk not later than ½ hour before your tee time. These tournaments are not held when the course is being renovated (3 weeks twice/year - also day before Thanksgiving - also a day close to Christmas).

Regular Membership Meetings:
Are held at 8:30 AM at Clubhouse 2 on the second Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September. Breakfast buffet and drinks are provided at a cost of $6.00. A putting contest is held after the meeting if possible.

Annual Membership Meeting:
Is held at 8:30 AM at Clubhouse 2 on the second or third Tuesday of November. Nominations and voting for officers occur at this meeting. Also breakfast is provided as above. The newly-elected board members convene following this meeting.

Board Meetings:
Board meetings occur on the first Tuesday of February, April, June, August, October, December at 9:00 AM at Clubhouse 2. Members are invited to attend if they have a subject to present to the board, or for general interest.

Annual Luncheon:
In May, there is a annual membership luncheon following the last round of the President's Cup tournament. Annual awards are presented along with prizes. This takes place at the Village Greens.