Mixer With Women's Club

Women's 9 Hole Golf Club
Men's 9 Hole Golf Club

Four Person Team Scramble
On Tuesday or Wednesday (alternating)

$27 Entry Fee Includes Green Fee, Luncheon by Jolanda, Drinks, Prizes
Coffee, tea and donuts at sign-in
Guests Welcome at Luncheon for $17

     Check In at 7:45 - CH-2 Plaza     
Shotgun Start at 8:30 on Course 3
Luncheon at CH-2, CH-7, or Village Greens


Some rules: each player must have at least 1 tee shot used
No player can have more than 4 tee shots used
Only 3 players hit after tee shot until green
                    All putt on green
One mulligan available per player for $1.00

Holes #4, #7 open to all tee shots for closest-to-pin

9-Hole Lady's and Men's Mixer Team Scramble  
  11-Jul-18 Course 3  
  Winners Net Team Score Awards
1st Place Dottie Flask 18.25 $120
  Bob Keeler    
  Julie Millat    
  John Dillon    
2nd Place June Russell 18.75 $100
  Bob Batchelor    
  Vikki Hamilton    
  Don Beckhart    
3rd Place Pat Kratsch 19 $80
  Rick Bradford    
  Lenore Weil    
  Bill Jensen    
4th Place Tie Aloha Saxon 19.5 $60
  Rick Gehman    
  Irene Stone    
  Stephen Gray    
4th Place Tie Amy Mandel 19.5 $60
  Charles Hewitt    
  Eleanor Weiner    
  Lloyd Woodson    


9-Hole Lady's and Men's Mixer Team Scramble

12-Jul-16 Course 3

Winners Net Team Score

1st Place Norm Sybert 17.25

Luann Whitmore

Charlie Doyle

Lenore Weil

2nd Place Rick Gehman 18.75

Alice Forbes

Stan Silverman

Carol Percy

3rd Place Len Paganini 19.25

Margaret Gumz

Jim Kane

Elizabeth Halouzka

4th Place Tie Mike Hubbard 19.5

Sheila Hirshberg

Mark Nussbaum

Cathy Cram

4th Place Tie Chuck Hale 19.5

Julie Millat

Carl Linkes

Joan Anderson


Jean Gagnon, Elizabeth Halouzka

Norm Sybert, J J Montegnies