Double Signups

Reviewing your signup options

Please don't signup twice!

Every week when I check the confirmation emails I receive when a golfer signs up, against the actual list on the signup page; or when I create an alphabetical list of the names, there are golfers that have signed up twice. Also, I receive emails asking me to remove their names from the list.

Our software program on the website is very intuitive, and both of these problems can be easily corrected by each and everyone of you. If you visit the signup page and scroll down you will see a tab saying "view current signups." If you click on that tab you can see if you have already signed up, or remove your name from the list if necessary. By carefully checking these easy steps, you allow me an extra half hour sleep every Tuesday morning at 5:30 am. It takes me the best part of an hour to double check names in the signup category against the confirmation emails, transfer the names to the "Tournament Manager" software program, create a tee times sheet with foursomes while trying to accommodate all special request and transfer that tee times sheet to the website with a copy going to the Pro Shop so that they can gauge how much time we will need.

These programs were designed to streamline the operation, and they do "IF" golfers use the built in checks; it really does work smoothly. Please, don't translate this message as whining, but just a little habit you can adopt to make life easier.