An Explanation of Handicaps and Flights

Our software programs allows us to establish a Handicap Factor for each of our members; which enables us to balance foursomes, award "net" winners and create flights so that each golfer competes weekly with other golfers with similiar handicaps.  This balanced competition also applies to our "Skins" game.  When you spend the two dollars to play skins, you are competing with other players in your flight with your NET score.

Under the rules of RCGA, 5 stroke play game scores must be entered into the system to establish a player's handicap.  We are able to circumvent this requirement and create a temporary handicap after 3 game scores have been entered.  This makes it convenient for newer or occasional participants.

When you review the Handicap posting you will notice several unexplained notations. 
First is the letter "N" after the Handicap Factor number.  This simply means that the number relates to 9 hole scores.  Since we are a nine hole league this number is necessary.
When an asterisk appears after a Handicap Factor number, that player has not recorded the required 5-nine hole scores.
I.D. Number is simply a number assigned to each of our members to accommodate the software functions.

Once we have created this Handicap list, we divide the players by their handicap factor into one of three flights.  The flights are made up of approximately an equal number of players in each flight.

We calculate and adjust these numbers regularly to help balance the competition.  This process will identify a player who may struggle at the start of the season, but improves quickly as the year progresses.

We hope this answers any questions; however, you are encouraged to ask any of the five organizers if you require further explanation.