How the Skins Game Works

Any week that we are playing a "Stroke" game (Individual Scores) we offer an opportunity to play in the "Skins" competition. Playing in the "Skins" game is optional. Since the winners are determined by using the player's net score, anyone can win. Over the years there are the same players each week playing in the skins competition and why more don't participate is something that baffles the imagination. It's tough to buy a cup of coffee for $2.00, but folks don't want to spend that same $2.00 on a chance to win a few skins.

Just let the committee member at the start of the game know that you wish to enter the skins competition and pay you $2.00. The winners are determined for each flight separately and scores are calculated in a Net format (Handicapped Score for Each Hole). The monies are rewarded to the outright winner of each hole. If there are ties on the hole, then no winner is declared. The amount each winner earns is the total amount collected for his flight, divided by the number of holes where there is a clear winner. For example, if 3 of the nine holes resulted in clear winners, then the money wagered by that flight would be divided by 3 and paid to the winners. ALL MONIES COLLECTED ARE PAID BACK IN PRIZES.