Weekly News Update

This page is simply a recap of the "happenings" on a weekly basis of the Geritol Golf League.  Members are encouraged to contact one of the organizers if you have some information that you would like to "get out there."          


Geritol Sept. 15th.

Unfortunately with all the thunderstorms with strong winds, the course was very wet and there was a lot of debris in the fairways and in the first cut.  The pro-shop instructed us that carts were only permitted in the rough and if crossing to the other side of the fairway was necessary you were to do it at 90 degrees on higher ground.  The grounds crew were very busy sawing and collecting fallen limbs and; in fact, whole trees.

Anytime you are required to only use carts in the rough, play will be slower, and for a bunch of retired gentlemen who really don't have "JOBS" to go to, you sure hear a lot of complaining about slow play.  Hunting for balls in today's wet rough will also slow play down significantly.  Under today's conditions, four hours for eighteen holes is excellent.  And if one of your group is taking their time to line up a putt; check to see what his score is for the round.  We always encourage ready golf to help speed things up, but some circumstances predetermine speed of play.

The best score turned in today was a 79 by Dan Macauley.  Dan was one of the players in our foursome, and it is an education to see how efficient Dan is on the green because he surveys his putts from all directions before committing to a line and speed.  Thanks for the refresher on how to cut strokes on the score card Dan.   

Closing Weeks

The inevitable final weeks of our league are upon us.  Championships and Closing Scramble and Award Luncheon arrangements are in their final stages.

The cost of the full three weeks, including the luncheon is $20.00.  Denny will be collecting your monies at the pre-game table over the next couple of weeks.  Please register early so that we can finalize the numbers with the club.

For the past several years we have had a post season weekly game for those who are interested.  These  games will not be organized, but just available for those wishing to continue to play.  We can run the signup page, organize the foursomes and reserve the tee times with the pro shop if required.  Let us know if you are interested.


Upcoming Events

Starting on September 22nd we will be playing our two week total point league championship.  The second game will be played on the 29th, and  in typical championship fashion; the foursomes will be created with the leaders from the first week in the closing groups.  This format always helps create a true competition within the foursome of equally talented golfers.
On October 6th we will have a closing scramble followed by an award luncheon in the dining area upstairs of the club house.    We had a meeting with Cheryl on Tuesday and the Beef Dip, or "Du Jus" is the choice we made.  This sandwich is served with french fries etc.  We are looking foreward to a closing like we enjoyed for many years of Geritol.

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