Junior Program

**Due to covid restrictions, the junior program will not be available at this time**
Free Lessons

Running every Monday afternoon from early July to the end of August, the Dunnville Golf Club will again be offering free lessons to all and any juniors under 14 years old. Initiated and run by Kevin Dockrill this program is intended to provide basic golf and etiquette instruction with the primary focus of having fun.

Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


The program will include a minimum of three tournaments spaced throughout the summer for a fee of $5 each. This fee will cover a hot dog and drink with the additional proceeds funding the supplies and prizes for the Junior Program. All tournaments will include special rules to help equalize play for younger golfers. All tournaments will include some special challenges for extra fun. We encourage all family members and friends to join us and participate in our tournaments.

End of Year Tournament

Held in August with banquet and awards.


It is helpful if participants have their own set of clubs and that the clubs are the correct size. We would be glad to help parents select and purchase the correct clubs for their child. However, clubs are not required to participate. We do have some clubs we can lend to golfers for use while participating in the lessons and in the past our program members have always been willing to share clubs with others.

Special Notes

Parents and guardians are welcome to participate in all lessons and we strongly encourage adults to participate in our tournaments. Whenever time and space permit, we allow our golfers to play a few holes after their lessons to experience the true game and to learn rules and etiquette. However this cannot happen without help from parents and guardians as we cannot teach and escort players on the course at the same time. So please stick around and help us out and feel free to bring your clubs and play along. It is our sincere desire that all members of our program participate fully. Please do not allow financial restraints or lack of equipment to prevent your child from participating in events. If there is a problem with equipment or money, please talk to our staff and we will make arrangements to ensure your child can fully participate in all events.

Kevin Dockrill
Junior Program Coordinator