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       Tier 3     
        a comprehensive player development program                              

If you are looking to
            Dramatically lower your scores,
            Learn how to manage your game,

            Feel more confident when you play,
            Feel more comfortable with your equipment,
            Become more consistent with your ball striking

     Join the Tier 3 Coaching Program and we will
            Evaluate your equipment, 
            Measure and assess your current skill set,
            Create and define SMART golf goals and objectives,
            Evaluate your physical ability to move and stabilize your body, 
            Develop an individual coaching plan based on your goals and objectives
     Accelerateing your path to improvement through
            44 - total coaching hours
            Advanced mental training
            A TPI customized workout plan
            High-speed video swing analysis
            14 - 60 minute coaching sessions
            15 - hours of evaluation and training            
            6 - 9 hole on-course coaching sessions
A two month Practice with the Pro membership
            Linxtracker softare to track and analyze your progress
Custom clubfitting by a Mitchell Certified Club Performance Fitting Specialist

    Providing you
            Greater confidence
            Less fear and anxiety
            A sense of accomplishment
            More effective practice techniques
            Well defined pre and post shot routines
            Additional course management strategies
            Better emotional balance to help you stay focused

    Price   $ 1225.00    image