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     Single day golf school 
      Monday-Wednesday 8:00AM - 5:00PM

      All aspects of your game will be covered in addition to an on-course 9-hole playing lesson.
       You'll leave with a better understanding of your game and a specific plan for improvement.   
Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

     Are you ready to
            Gain more confidence in your game
            Improve your score by 5-10 strokes
            Learn more effective practice techniques
            Develop more consistency in your ball striking

    Accelerate your path to improvement through
            8 - total coaching hours
            High-speed video swing analysis
            TPI golf fitness physical screening
            3 - hours of evaluation and training
            3 - hours of additional coaching            

            1 - 9 hole on-course coaching session
month Practice with the Pro membership

     Areas of your game covered include
            Ball striking            
            Green reading
            Mental processes
            Putting, chipping, pitching
            Course management strategies

     Price   $ 275.00    image

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