Ain Nakhl Golf Club
17th Annual Abqaiq Open


27 February 2015



  • Deadline for tournament entry was Friday February 06th 2015 at 11:00 PM. 
  • Entry fee is SR 300.00 per entrant.
  • Payment will be required by Saturday February 21st at 3:00 pm.  Prepayment is allowed and will help to qualify for entry. No refund will be allowed after 5:00 PM on Thursday February 26th. Payment may be made at the Golf Club or to any Tournament Committee member.
  • Registration can be completed on the web at the sign up link above.
  • Participants' name and email may be shared with the event's sponsors.
  • The total entrants are limited for this event. In the event of entries exceeding the limit (88), entrants numbered above the limit will be alternates. Priority will be given to players who pay entry fee before February 13th. Should an accepted entrant withdraw, alternates will be immediately notified. Entry fees will be refunded at the earliest opportunity to alternates who cannot be accommodated within the tournament.
  • Breakfast will be provided in the Snack Bar for players.
  • Lunch tickets will be provided for players.
  • There is a charge of SR 75 for each extra lunch ticket for non-players.
  • The Committee reserves the right to limit and/or restrict the number of entrants from any one club or golf society.
  • If a competitor withdraws, no substitute will be accepted unless prior approval has been obtained from the Tournament Committee.

  • The Tournament is open to professional and amateur golfers who are current members of a Golf Club or Golf Society.
  • The tournament is restricted to Golfers having a current active handicap of 24 or lower for men and 32 or lower for women. Players with higher handicaps may be allowed to play but only at the 24 (men) and 32 (women) handicap.
  • A valid handicap certificate and/or letter from your Club Secretary must be submitted to the Committee during registration. Clubs may submit a composite listing of handicaps for multiple entrants. Players MUST play off their current handicap on the day of the competition. Revised handicaps must be presented to the Committee at time of registration.

  • Play will be conducted according to the rules of the USGA, the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, the Saudi Aramco Golf Association (SAGA) and Ain Nakhl Golf Club Local Rules.
  • A copy of Local Rules is posted in the Club House and will be provided to each Competitor.
  • Only one mat per player can be used during the tournament.
  • Players are not allowed to sweep the browns, if required it has to be done by the assigned sweeper or Marshal.

  • The decisions of the Tournament Committee on all matters of competition entry and play shall be final.

  • The draw will be performed by the committee and will include consideration for Gross and Net competitors as well as visitors, who when possible will be matched with local members.

  • Stroke over 18 holes on Friday February 27th, 2015.
  • Shotgun start at 8:30 AM, however golfers must be registered by 7:50 AM.
  • All Golfers MUST walk.
  • Golf carts can only be used by players where walking would be a considerable hardship.  Golf Cart use must be approved (in advance) by the Tournament Director.
  • Please be sure to bring your own trolley.

  • Players shall report to the Registration table 45 minutes before their tee-time or earlier (i.e., before 7:45 AM).
  • Players are requested to meet at 8:00 AM in front of the Clubhouse to for the welcome speech and Last Minute instructions.
  • At  8:10 AM Players shall move to their respective starting hole.
  • Play is to begin at 8:30 AM.  Note: there are two groups on each Par 5 hole.  The second group is to tee off once the first group has cleared the fairway.

  • The course will be open for practice the weekend before the Open Tournament.  This includes both Friday February 20th and Saturday February 21st.
  • The driving range will be available free of charge to competitors on the day of the competition and the practice weekend.

  • Players tied for first (1st) place in the Gross Championship will participate in a 3 hole playoff starting at the 1st Hole. The playoff holes will be 1, 2, and then 9.  Sudden death playoff will commence from the 1st hole if a winner has not been decided in the first three holes.
  • Other ties in the competition will be decided by count back under USGA Rule 33-6, Stroke Play.

  • The 17th Annual Abqaiq Open Champion will be the person returning the lowest gross score over 18 holes. The Net Club champion will be the player with lowest net score over 18 holes.
  • Championship Competition:
> 18-Hole: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Low Gross
> 18-Hole: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Low Net
  • Course Prizes:
> Longest Drive:  Holes to be announced
> Closest to Pin: Holes to be announced

> Hole in One: Golf Club Cart (Hole will be announced) 
  • If 4 or more Ladies register, then there will be a separate Ladies Gross Prize.  If not, the Ladies are eligible for the Tournament Low Gross prizes.  In either case, Ladies are eligible for the Low Net prizes.